Child Seat Protector

Child Seat Protector


This Child Seat Protector protects any seat from your newly toilet trained toddler or from diaper leaks.  It is seamless, water proof, vinyl-free, and easy to machine wash and dry.  The child sits on the cotton side which is nice against the skin and allows liquid to be pulled into the middle.  The bottom is PUL, the same waterproof fabric used for cloth diapers.  Designed like a pillow cover, it can be stuffed with a prefold diaper no bigger than 12 x 18 inches, or an old towel.  It comes in three cheerful, kid - friendly designs, that will brighten up any car seat or stroller.

Inserts that snap into place are made of quality, plush cotton terry and are sold separately.  They are great if you didn't use prefolds, or just want something that fits perfectly.

To wash the Child Seat Protector, simply remove the insert and wash the insert and shell.  Because it comes apart, it cleans well and drys fast either on the line or in the dryer.

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