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Welcome to Pumpkins and Peanuts, a mom-owned, Canadian business!

While my younger son struggled with eczema, we tried various prescriptions and various recommended moisturizers to try and clear it up.  I came up with some bath treats to help relieve the itch of rashes, and non-toxic bath treats that made kids actually want to take a bath.  Then, after a lot of research, I developed the Skin Soothing Butter, which to my delight helped his eczema a lot.  It cleared up my husband's eczema (who by this point has tried about five different prescriptions) and my older son's eczema patch!  We found the Skin Soothing Butter much better than any of the commercial moisturizers we tried, and our need for prescriptions were reduced or eliminated.  Many more products have been developed and tested along the way, and now Pumpkins and Peanuts produces a variety of natural products for the whole family.  The easiest way to find what you are looking for is to click on "Shop by Category" in the navigation bar at the top of the screen, and choose the category of interest.  Clicking on "Products" in the navigation bar will show you all the products we make.