Favours / Announcements

Pumpkins and Peanuts does custom wedding and baby shower favours or announcements, birthday party loot bag items, and table seating gifts!


For weddings we offer soap or lip balm favours.  An example of a soap favour is below.  The paper, ribbon and attached note are of course customizable.  They can be used to let guests know where they are seated.  So, names and table numbers can go on the tags.  For other examples of soap favours, see the Baby section below!

Each customized lip balm includes a short note, such as "Thank you for sharing our special day with us", "Thank you for making our day complete", or "Thank you for celebrating with us".  Two lines such as "Two friends, two hearts, one promise, one love and Thank you for sharing our special day with us." may also be possible.  A picture of your choice, the bride and groom's names, and the date are also included on each label.

Examples of lip balm favours are below.  The one with the picture of the palm tree on the beach is actually an announcement of a destination wedding.  The note on it reads "Julie and Chris married in the Dominican Republic!", followed by the date. 




Below is an example of baby shower soap favours.


Examples of lip balm favours are below.  The ones on the left are the same as the ones on the right; they have just been rotated to show the other side.

Each customized lip balm includes a short note or two such as "Thank you for coming to the shower", and "It's a boy!", or "Thank you for coming" and "It's a girl!".  For gender neutral notes, the label could read "Thank you for coming to welcome baby!", "A sweet Pea is on the way!  Thank you for celebrating with us.", or "Thank you for coming to the baby shower" with the date.

One of the boy ones is actually a birth announcement.  The note on it reads "We welcomed 'Name' into the world" followed by the date and weight.  Of course the label can be done for a girl as well.






Below is an example of a lip balm given out at a birthday party.  Each child received a lip balm with their name on it!  The birthday balloons can be replaced by a picture depicting the party's theme.


Table Seating Gifts

Below is an example of a Christmas table gift.  The tag on this says "Merry Christmas", but you can put names on the tags instead so everyone knows where they are seated.