Pumice Soap

Pumice Soap


Sometimes called Mechanic's Soap, or Gardener's Soap, Pumice soap is soap that contains ground pumice stone.  It provides a light exfoliation while it cleans.  This soap also contains creamy goat milk and has the refreshing and invigorating  scent of peppermit.

Ingredients: sodium tallowate, goat milk, sodium sunflowerate, sodium cocoate, sodium olivate, sodium castorate, sodium beeswaxate, pumice, Mentha peperita (peppermint) oil 

In English, this means that we turn triple-washed tallow, sunflower oil, coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil and beeswax into soap using goat milk, sodium hydroxide with added ground pumice stone and peppermint oil.

None of our soaps contain artificial colour or fragrance.

Minimum weight is 100g.

Pumpkins and Peanuts is proud to make soap that is not only natural, but also uses mostly local ingredients, which supports our farmers and our local economy.  Our farmers provide us with ingredients that make beautiful, long lasting, gentle soap with a low carbon footprint!  All our soaps are Made in Canada which means that less than 50% of the ingredients are imported.  For environmental reasons, all of our soaps are palm free.  We also don't use artificial colour or fragrances.

To keep your soap lasting longer, do not let it sit in water.  It is best to use a soap dish that lets the soap drain well so that it drys between use.

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