September, 2023 September 11 2023

I will have a lot more soap available in a few weeks!

March 2020 March 17 2020

We were sold out of most of our soap, but have some in stock now.  Right now, there is a beer soap called Spring Rain ready as well as Rose Goat milk soap.  Six more varieties (Coffee, Hockey Puck, Pine Tar, Kelp Sea Salt Spa, Green Goddess, and Green Tea + Cucumber) will be ready the first week of April.  You can ask to reserve some.  Don't forget, you can always order soap you would like and don't see here.  All you have to do is ask!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Pumpkins and Peanuts will deliver anywhere within the City of Ottawa for free for the next few weeks.

March 2015 March 23 2015

We are excited to announce that we are now sourcing our beeswax locally - Crerar's Honey!

September 2014 September 21 2014

Well, it's September.  I hope everyone had a good Summer and had the opportunity to take some time off and spend it with their family.  Now all the kids have gone back to school and resumed some of their favourite activities.  Also, the temperature has cooled down to where we feel comfortable shipping all of our products!

June 2014 June 29 2014

Well, Summer is finally here!  I hope everyone gets the opportunity to take some time off this Summer to spend it with their families.  There are many products on this site that cannot be shipped until it cools down out there but, if you live in the Ottawa area, you are welcome to pick up the item you need.  We also offer free delivery in Orleans.  Have a great Summer everyone!

September 2013 August 31 2013

Hi Everyone!


Not only was Pumpkins and Peanuts busy this Summer developing new products, but we were also busy working on a new website format!  With our expansion, the old theme was not a good fit for us any more.  We hope you like it too.

August 2013 August 26 2013

Hi Everyone!


Pumpkins and Peanuts is very excited to announce the introduction of another product that will hopefully help many parents - Baby's Bath Tea!  We all know that sometimes it is difficult to calm a fussy baby.  Try relaxing your little one in our Baby's Bath Tea, containing only three simple ingredients: oatmeal, which is know to relieve the itch of rashes and dry, flaky skin, calming chamomile, and soothing calendula.  The scent is pleasantly mild because it only comes naturally from the oatmeal and herbs.


As a mom of two boys, it is refreshing to have a bath product for them that does not contain lavender!  I love that no scent of any kind has been added.  I also love that these bath teas are made of unbleached cotton and do not fall apart when my little boy plays with them in the water!

April 2013 April 01 2013

Hi Everyone!

When I toilet trained my first son, I took a week off of work in order to potty train him.  I switched him into underwear and swore never to put him back into diapers.  I also did not believe in training pants because they are no different than diapers anyway, and I didn't want to confuse him.  But what about the car seat?  Not wanting to risk having to clean the seat from accidents, I put a small change mat on the seat with a prefold on top.  My two piece system was quite annoying because the mat and the diaper would not stay together; one was always shifting out of place.

When it came time for the car seat to be protected from my second son, I created the Child Seat Protector.  It is like a pocket diaper for your car seat that can be stuffed with a prefold!  We have used it for over a year in both our cars, and it works.  You can get an insert for it too that snaps into place.  This is great if you didn't use prefolds, or simply want an insert that fits well and will stay in place.

November 2012 November 28 2012

Hi Everyone!

Finally the holiday gift bags are ready!  They are so cute as a little gift, or as a stocking filler!  They come with extra tags so that they can be re-used.

September 2012 September 20 2012

Hi Everyone!

Pumpkins and Peanuts is now supporting schools and day care centres!  A portion of your sale can go the participating school or day care centre of your choice. How do you do it?  After you have finished shopping, click on the shopping cart tab, which will bring you to a page called "My Cart".  There you will see a box where you can "tell us about any special instructions".  In that box tell us the name of your school or day care centre and the street it is on, your child's name and teacher.  Then proceed through the checkout.  You will still have to enter the shipping and billing address, but your purchase will not be shipped to you directly.  Instead, it will be delivered to your child's school or day care centre and distributed from there, similar to those book orders.  If you forget to fill the information in the box, or neglect some information, simply send us an e-mail.

What if your child's school or centre is not participating?  You can tell them about the opportunity, and ask if they would like to participate. Alternately, you can support a friend's school, or centre.  Your friend will have to give you your purchase after it is delivered to their child.

Thank you for supporting local schools, day care centres and the children!

Please don't feel that you have to know of a participating school or day care centre to shop!  You may just shop as usual!


August 2012 August 23 2012

 Hi everyone!

Pumpkins and Peanuts is very excited to be offering gift wrapping!  We are using re-usable fabric gift bags that can be re-used as gift bags, or kept for jewelry, or any number of items.  There are ten cute styles to choose from.  So, now you can buy a gift, get it wrapped and shipped for under $20!

As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

July 2012 June 18 2012

Hello!  I would like to welcome everyone to my on-line store!  If you are looking to make your shopping experience with your little one better and safer, you have come to the right place.  I hope you find what you're looking for, but if you have any questions, please contact me.  I look forward to helping you any way I can.